Are Writers Born or Made?   Leave a comment

People often ask me that, but it’s not a question I can answer – maybe a little of both.  Can adversity breed creativity? Perhaps, or is it just that it gives you more to write about? Are writers happy little bunnies or miserable introspective navel gazers? Now that I can answer! We’re joyful little bunnies when the words are flowing and miserable introspective navel gazers when we hit a dry spell or our latest masterpiece is rejected,  scorned and pooh pooh’d (not a technical term, but you’ll know what I mean). My own life has been fairly eventful, a bit of a roller coaster ride really and I suppose my writing was often a form of escapism.  I do know that I don’t write as well when all is going smoothly, so maybe I am one of those people who needs the angst to drive me on.  I wonder if subconsciously I’ve sometimes sabotaged my own happiness for that very reason.  I certainly made bad choices sometimes, even when I knew they were bad choices.  But enough musing.  I’m feeling suffiiciently miserable again and, hallelujah, the muse is back! Theory proved.


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